My name is Rosalind Stone and I am a Spiritual Being currently having a human experience. A state commonly known a Being Human but for some reason in ancient history this was twisted around to become Human Being. Like every other human being I have entered this dimension for a journey of Self-Discovery. A journey during which I will experience much that the dense, or material, dimension has to offer, through my physical body and five senses. A journey during which I will experience MySelf through my reactions and responses to the material world, as directed by my emotions. A journey through which I will be gently guided by my Spiritual Self.

This is not a journey that I will make alone, although at times it may appear that way, for no man is an island. Indeed We Are One. So as we travel our separate journeys together, we will learn to Honour One Another. And as I see your uniqueness, and you acknowledge mine, I will learn to Honour Myself as you will learn to honour yourself. And because I recognise the Divinity in you and believe in the Divinity in me, I will learn to love you unconditionally, without either judgment or demand. And I will understand that Love is Divine Power for it is the most valuable gift that I have to offer, and the most valuable gift that I could ever wish to receive. And in seeing the power of love, I will easily and joyfully Surrender My Personal Will to Divine Will because I know that it is not I that loves you nor you that loves me, but rather that I AM THAT I AM.
And I will journey on, Seeking Only The Truth, as that is my Soul reason for Being here. And in finding my truths in each and every experience, I will learn the importance of being here now, in the Present Moment.

Are you ready to embark on a magic carpet ride with me?

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  1. Hendricus says:

    How beautifully you write, dear sister !

  2. låna says:

    howdy. Fantastic text and a fantastic blog

  3. Kathy Shamrock Watson says:

    Hi Rosalind!
    Your writings and beautiful, thought provoking and inspirational!
    Do you still update your blog?
    I would love to join you on a magic carpet ride!
    Love, light and blessings, Kathy xxx

  4. rosalind says:

    Hi Kathy – my blog has been sadly neglected these past months as I have had many other projects on the go, including finalising my latest book http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0095VI034 which is now available. I will be making more regular posts in future, hopefully twice a month but at least once!

  5. rosalind says:

    Hi Lana my blog has been sadly neglected these past months as I have had many other projects on the go, including finalising my latest book http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0095VI034 which is now available. I will be making more regular posts in future, hopefully twice a month but at least once!

  6. Aaron says:

    Yes- magic carpet ride!

  7. rosalind says:

    Welcome aboard Aaron! always nice to meet fellow travellers.

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  10. Hi Rosalind. My Husband and I purchased your newest book for our Kindle and we are learning each day with your guidance. Thank You. I was wondering if you had some feelings and wisdom to give us as to how to be aware of the responsibility we feel we have to know how to help be a voice for Animals and the rights they deserve… and keep a healthy mind-set everyday. So far, we have decided to join Change.org and sign petitions and go for walks to literally send our hope and prayers to the Earth to help do our part to create a World where Animals, the Earth and Everyone is treated with Kindness and Love. We know that this will take a long time and we want to be part of the noetic engergy or “memes” of change for a new World of Kindness and Wisdom. How do we have this hope in our Hearts and see the continual abuse of Animals and the Earth, as well as of other Human Beings… how do we keep a Heart filled with Happiness and hold the strength to know the abuse and keep praying? We are not religious, we believe in the Power of Goodness and the Universe of Life-Giving Energy for All.
    Also, could you put in your thoughts the petition to overturn the legalization of Slaughtering Horses? I have signed so many things for Animals and I cannot believe the cruelty they endure. I stay active on Sea Shepherd for the Dolphins and Whales… I signed for Gundul, the Orangutan to be taken to a Loving Home… this legislature to begin slaughtering Horses again needs some immediate attention as well. We have to say we do not want it. Oh, it is so sad and the photos I saw were just heartbreaking. I will read your book to help me find balance. Any words you can offer, I know will help as well. I love your FB page, it is just a wonderful example of an Empowered Woman and I am so comforted that You are in this World. Thank You. Mimi Lilyfeather.
    Here is the link for the Horses. Thank You, Rosalind. I know that there are so many more petitions to sign. I pray for the strength to learn and help be the Light and Kindness I wish to see in the World. https://www.change.org/petitions/overturn-the-legalization-of-horse-slaughter-for-human-consumption

  11. Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  12. rosalind says:

    Great, and thanks for the support! Please feel free to post any questions you might have

  13. rosalind says:

    Oh Mimi the hardest thing is to remain in a state of Love, and not allow ourselves to be swept away by the emotions that arise from hearing about cruelty – this is indeed the perfection of staying in the Now. I have covered some aspects in my latest post “Ahimsa – practicing non-violence” which I hope will help you and your husband. It is important to recognise our limitations and our human frailties, however, and to take a break from the media when we feel overwhelmed. Signing petitions is very helpful, and perhaps one of the greatest blessings of social media is our ability to quickly raise awareness – but if the images and reports drain you of your own personal vigour and enthusiasm you are not contributing to the Light of the world. Do what you can, when you can but most important of all is not to radiate any destructive energies, but to consistently aspire to adding to the love and light in the world through your thoughts, words, feelings and actions! Bless you, and namaste!

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  23. Rosalind.
    I just read your response. I am Mimi Lilyfeather and I wrote to You in October. Thank You. Your words are insightful and you have reached the part of me that is entangled in existential strife. My resolution for the New Year is to heal and be humble to the healing unfolding all around me in all it’s disguises. I know we are all made to illuminate love, light and beauty. I do so wish each living being that is suffering would finally find joy and peace, I send my love into the world and I hope that healing comes to us all. I imagine You in this world and I am comforted. I know we are all co-creating the continual rebirth of the Sacred in all things. Thank You and as Namaste means, “the eternal sacred in me bows to the eternal sacred in you”… I join my palms and bow my head to You, Sister of the Light. Signed, Mimi Lilyfeather of the Faeries:)

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